Duxford International Meet 31st May 2009


This weekend saw the UK’s turn to hold the VBOA International meet, and judging from the pictures and write up on the VBOA website, all went well, and our overseas guests had a great time. A few of the Cresta Club members did the whole weekend, and perhaps, they would like to write in with their own story of the weekend.

We only did the one day event at Duxford, which was a superb day. The venue was excellent, the weather was very, very windy, but dry.

Quite a few club members turned up for the day, and we had our own little area on the end which we shared with the Victor Club, and had the backdrop of a great big hanger, which looked great for pictures, and we also had Rob Hogervorst, our club member from Holland, with one beautiful looking Blue and White PA in excellent condition who was with the International weekend Rally lot, but wanted to park with us on the club stand for the day, so that was really nice, and Thank you to a very nice couple.


The club stand included, us of course, YDV 489 Pink/White PA – Wendy & Mark Hogarth; XRT 64 Blue PA – Mel Peters; XFK 190 Blue PA – Alan Cakebread; JAS 977 Red/Grey PA – Michael & Jen Boast; LEC 335 Blue PB – Jon Rogers; 61 VPA Honey Gold/Yellow PA – Graham & Alison Hindle; URX 243 Green Velox – James Gandy; MSL 688 Blue/White PA; FAH 279C Blue PB – Robbie Marshall; and then some that also did the weekend Rally, WBY 186 Black PA – Alan & Karen; SAY 310 Blue/White PA – Ian & Margaret Coomber; UCL 99 Red/White PA – Barry & Vera Harvey; VHM 806 Pink PA – Charlie Barron & last but not least DR-24-01 Blue/White PA – Rob Hogervorst, and also including any wives/partners etc not mentioned, sorry, don’t know everyone’s names.

There were also a few club members parked with the rest of the international meet, who had done the weekend including Robert Parker-East and family in his Red/Silver e series, Michel Sergeant & Wife in his green e series, and a couple of others.

The Victor Club had a nice row of cars along the bottom, and the rest of the area was filled with all the other cars from the weekend Rally and other club day visitors, from old to new, so a nice range of Vauxhalls to walk round.


We signed up a couple of new members, including an overseas one, Olof from Sweden who has a 1966 PC, so welcome to you all.


The overseas visitors were all very friendly, and showed lots of interest and took plenty of photos of all our cars, and everyone seemed to have a great day out, taking advantage of all the facilities and exhibits at Duxford. I must say, we had a walk round and there was some really fascinating exhibits there.


At the end of the day, all the E series were lined up for a photo shoot for a classic car mag, which made a fabulous picture.


Another great Cresta club day out.


Best Regards & Happy Vauxhalling…..