Luton Festival of Transport 14th June 2009


Hi All,


Another year, and another successful 2nd club stand at this event. Thank you so much to all of you that came and made this event a good club event once again. The weather, after a doubtful week, and to my amazement for Luton, which seems to rain on and off constantly just lately, apart from being windy, was lovely. We had a good position on the Rally field, with a beautiful line up of assorted cars from e series to PB and a very nice looking Ford Zodiac guest, and we received lots of visitors during the course of the day, with plenty of photos being taken of all the cars, and plenty of chat going on.

My little white gazebo was set up once again, with all the club regalia, and with all our new banners and signs, the stand looked very good. We had a good attendance with about 13 cars, more were booked in, but some couldn’t make it for various reasons.

Over the course of the day, we had a few Regalia sales, and signed up two new members, so welcome to Jon Holden and to young James who doesn’t have a car yet, but hopefully will one day. This year, we had a raffle and club stand trophies, which seemed to go down well. Everyone that booked in on the stand received a little goody bag, and a voting form. We had some nice raffle prizes, and sold quite a few raffle tickets over the course of the day, and everyone took part in the raffle and the voting in good spirits. After all the hard work put into preparing for these events, it is nice that everyone participates and seems to enjoy it, so thank you to all of you.

At the end of the day, and with all the votes counted, with thanks to help from Michael Boast with this, we had the trophy presentation. We had three trophies for best club stand car, 1st, 2nd and 3rd as chosen by the club members themselves, First prize going to The Pink Lady, so thanks to all of you who voted, it was lovely of you. As I couldn’t really give myself the trophy, Michael was on hand again to present it to Mark, 2nd prize went to Brian Heale in his lovely Green and White PA, and 3rd prize went to Tony & Lin Knights in their beautiful Red and Grey PA. Michael Sergeant in his Green E series and Terry Fleckney in his Green PA were only one point away from 3rd, so as they were so close, they received a bottle of beer each! Quite a few cars received a lot of votes, and although all the cars were great, obviously we can only have a few winners. We only had one car who voted for himself (which was the only vote he got!) … you know who you are!! J  But, it was all in good fun, Well done to all of you.

We then had the raffle, which we had a good laugh with at times, and saw quite a few people going home with some nice little goodies.


So, all in all, a good, fun day, and a jolly time was had by all. Once again, thanks to those of you who helped out with various things, and especially to my dear ol hubby Mark and poor old Pink Lady for transporting all the club equipment to the show again, good job we did some strengthening on her with all that weight.! and many thanks to all of you who came, and made the day and the club stand another success, thank you for participating in the events, and most of all, for supporting your club.


I hope to see all of you and hopefully more next year.


Best Regards & Happy Vauxhalling….